Saturday, April 28, 2007

Wanna hit me with something?

if you're anywhere near Antwerp, Belgium, on the first of May 2007,
bring a pillow and you will have your chance, only if you're prepared to except a pillow beating in return of course ;)
a pillow, why?
because there will be a pillowfight
spread the word and see you there

update: ok i should really start spreading the adress of this blog to some friends of mine, not too many (local) readers yet


The Grunt said...

Well, I may not be near Antwerp, but I will surely hit someone in the name of fun--with a pillow, of course.

paul said...

hi grunt,
they will surely thank you for it!
but beware, hiding a phonebook in the pillow is generally not accepted as 'funny' ;)