Sunday, August 26, 2007

The good old days - Transformers

I am both delighted and disgusted,
here comes the delight, the disgust is for the next post

i remeber very well playing with transformers when i was about 8 years old (and maybe a little older), they where obviously amzing and fantastic things AND you could see them on television

and for a few months now, the movie they made of it has been playing in theaters all over the wordl
today i finally went and saw it, i just had to see this movie but had postponed seeing it because of my master's thesis

i think the movie was .... supertransformitastic!!! i was completely swept away by it (and maybe just a little by megan fox... pffff), subtle references to the series and just awesome special effects!
just WAAUW, i was delighted

if you haven't seen him yet, go and see him! you have my personal guarantee that i liked it

and here you can find the theme from ye olde days
via notes to myself

Saturday, August 25, 2007

i'm back

waauw, somehow i found the discipline to stay away from blogging and almost from reading other blogs, to work on my master's thesis,
the deadline was 38.5 hours ago..
and i didn't make it,
which means that i'm going to work on it some more and finish it but it will only be evaluated in june 2008 ...

so or i'm going to use this year to or get an extra degree in environmental sciences or work in a lower payment level ... money isn't everything, but it sure helps to pay them bills

scary, grunt and pinks, i'll be stopping by real soon to comment my ass of so hold on to your fiery breath, health and pinkiness!