Tuesday, February 27, 2007

that poor snake

Ricky Gervais on the bible,

a fading blog? or maybe just doing real things

well well not much activity on this blog,
but just maaaybe that's because I'm very busy

sunday-evening the first meeting of the group "svalbard 2007" was a fact,
a fine bunch of people, some are ofcourse still a mystery to me but that will change soon enough
in order to get some of the equipment or food sponsored we decided to clean up svalbard, at least a part of it, we'r going to participate in "clean up svalbard" and are counting on outdoor-stores to support us for this.

A website of our own is being built as i write here

and I'm going to restrain myself a bit concerning personal information, especially in the area of 'not posting stuff that's too personal', everybody can come here after all, i'll find plenty of interesting other stuff to post, don't worry :)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dreams dreams dreams

pfff, lousy night, woke up too early and afterwards ofcourse too late,
and then Pieter tells me how is one year old son woke him up, 3 times, and things are back in perspective
But trying to go to sleep at a decent time isn't working, at least not for now pff
My mother seems to know it's because yesterday I spent 3 hours in the middle of the 'parade' of the kungfu school celebrating chinese new year in our local chinatown, because of all the noise that goes with that ... well it was really loud, I agree that even with ear-protection-thingies the firecrackers made a lot of noise, but I dont think that's it
weird dreams by the way, something about this blog and then there was also this kind of college dormroomhousething where some of my friends were living next to me, weird make-up, and the rest is just too weird :)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The longest day

For a reason still unknow to me I woke up around 20 hours ago, not being able to fall asleep again, so I got up.
I have among other things: studied, emailed, worked with cement on our terrace, listened to all the recordings made with the dictaphhone on the Vercors-trip (HILARIOUS!!!), taken a sample from and measured the characteristics of our pond (no.3 for the masters thesis), eaten spaghetti with a very nice sauce that my sister made, pdf-ed an article that was requested from entomo-info, blogged, watched an episode of stargate and attended the chinese new-year demonstration from my school just an hour ago and naturally throughout the entire day brainstormed about the future course of action concerning that person that not so long ago managed to take my breath away.
And now onwards to the dream-realm, good night and good luck!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Practical post # zero zero one - Cheap books

In dutch, if you're not from belgium or holland, you won't have any use for it anyway.
Al vele jaren zijn ze er mee bezig en ze lijken niet van plan ermee te stoppen:
volgend weekend in Leuven en van 10 t/m 13 mei in Antwerpen,
het hele voormalige bouwcentrum overvol met boeken aan spotprijzen
gewoon een kijkje gaan nemen, het is quasi onmogelijk er met lege handen buiten te gaan, iedereen vindt er wel iets om te lezen !!
Als je je inschrijft op hun site dan krijg je tijdig een herinnering voor de festijnen die je aanvinkt.

what the bleep

My my, yesterday (not sooo long ago) i managed to go to sleep @ eleven, which for me is early, this usually only happens when i'm ill. But being really tired  i thought i'd take a shot at that 'sleeping before midnight'-thing.
And then ofcourse i wake up at 3:30 am ... and I just won't fall asleep again  ... so now I actually slept less than I normally do, great, just great  pff
So i took my dictaphone (one of the best things I ever bought myself!) and started making the list of things I'm going to do today, ofcourse blogging was the first thing on it :)
but then after a few items i just maybe started to realise why i woke up so early, man have I got stuff to do today ...   let's get started, onwards, for glory and breakfast in a few hours!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy anniversary ...

to myself and Tith Ngaw Pai,
february 15, 2000 AD I had my first lesson of traditional south-chinese kungfu (see link at the sidebar).
Unfortunately one year later I had to take a break because of some stuff in my knee of which I don't know the english term.
so in February 2002 I started again but then with Tai chi, or Tai Ki Kune. It's incredibly tempting to return to the kungfu-lessons, but I just don't have the time,
our tai chi is actually very difficult so combining it now wouldn't be very wise,
 maybe in a few years ...
but 7 years in the school, not bad!

Vercors 2007

Brave as they are, five young people set out on a walk in the snow, leaving civilisation behind (ok, I'll cut the drama-part)
Joris and Willem spent the previous months preparing every little detail of this trip what resulted in a very smooth journey! In my name as well as most likely Goedele's and Tess's, THANKS GUYS!

Some of Willem's pictures can be found at the link the following location:

Nothing to do but walk in the snow, gaze at the scenery, eat, drink, sleep and take care of the others. Who offcourse also took care of me, we had a very mutualistic relationship going on there, thanks guys/girls, let's do that again!

No internet, no cellulars, nada, nothing, just a few people against the elements, if that doesn't charge the batteries, I need to get myself a new battery.
Man am I looking forward to Spitsbergen 2007, I can hardly wait!

Precious Time

Since this is the third time blogger is making me type this post, the irony of it's title is becoming very agitating gromgrom 

It's been what ? ... two weeks since the last post, this can only mean that I:
1) just wasnt in town and
2) I've been veryvery busy
Saturday while packing for the Vercors I was also finishing an assignment for the Ailo, my god did that s*ck, ok I brought it upon myself postponing it but GGRRR
Luckily the following 7 days were just AMAZING! More on that in the next post.

Sunday 11/2 I attended one of the returning Flash-birthday-parties, this time @ Chris & Lotte's place, they did a very fine job having us all over and the food was good!
The flash is a group of highschool students that decided to give their group a name and subsequently succeeded in keeping that group together for over six years !! And hopefully for many years to come.

And offcourse on monday classes and school-work hit me straight in the face, only 2 mornings of classes in the entire week, but there's a masters-thesis that still needs an insane amount of work, so still no blogging on monday/tuesday/wednesday.

How about the evenings ?
Monday: Tai Chi  @  www.tith-ngaw.com
Tuesday: hmmmm + waauw (more on that maybe later ;))
Wednesday: Swimming, 2 km, then I got bored (not tired), stopped swimming and went home to see the final episodes of season three of Stargate Atlantis, (nerd alert!) finally they get their city in the air, only to get stranded in the middle of space with the oxygen-supply falling ... will they live or die ... let's find out whenever the next season gets broadcasted.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Thank (insert deity of choice here)

or not
i WAS going to take samples for my master's thesis, but in stead I just spent the afternoon fixing the oxygen-probes (and waxing my boots for next week), better luck tomorrow
I guess i'll just have to comfort me with this big piece of rice-pie with cream on top that i'm smikkeling-up (again not real english, not even close, don't care).

Thursday, February 1, 2007


what a truly nice day, no?
The exam could have gone better, and I say that quoting prof Ivan, and he's right, but at least it went better than friday :)
Now having finished the series of exams I've come to that moment in time when all the things I kept putting in the closet untill 'after the exams' just fell on top of me when I took a look ('took a look' is that even english?) inside that huge closet.
So excuse me while I go and dig myself a way to the surface.

And if you're looking for a really nice song, try to get your hands on this one:
"Somewhere over the rainbow"   and more specific, the version by Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole
that's what I call a very fine piece of music!