Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dreams dreams dreams

pfff, lousy night, woke up too early and afterwards ofcourse too late,
and then Pieter tells me how is one year old son woke him up, 3 times, and things are back in perspective
But trying to go to sleep at a decent time isn't working, at least not for now pff
My mother seems to know it's because yesterday I spent 3 hours in the middle of the 'parade' of the kungfu school celebrating chinese new year in our local chinatown, because of all the noise that goes with that ... well it was really loud, I agree that even with ear-protection-thingies the firecrackers made a lot of noise, but I dont think that's it
weird dreams by the way, something about this blog and then there was also this kind of college dormroomhousething where some of my friends were living next to me, weird make-up, and the rest is just too weird :)

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