Thursday, February 15, 2007

Vercors 2007

Brave as they are, five young people set out on a walk in the snow, leaving civilisation behind (ok, I'll cut the drama-part)
Joris and Willem spent the previous months preparing every little detail of this trip what resulted in a very smooth journey! In my name as well as most likely Goedele's and Tess's, THANKS GUYS!

Some of Willem's pictures can be found at the link the following location:

Nothing to do but walk in the snow, gaze at the scenery, eat, drink, sleep and take care of the others. Who offcourse also took care of me, we had a very mutualistic relationship going on there, thanks guys/girls, let's do that again!

No internet, no cellulars, nada, nothing, just a few people against the elements, if that doesn't charge the batteries, I need to get myself a new battery.
Man am I looking forward to Spitsbergen 2007, I can hardly wait!

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