Saturday, February 17, 2007

what the bleep

My my, yesterday (not sooo long ago) i managed to go to sleep @ eleven, which for me is early, this usually only happens when i'm ill. But being really tired  i thought i'd take a shot at that 'sleeping before midnight'-thing.
And then ofcourse i wake up at 3:30 am ... and I just won't fall asleep again  ... so now I actually slept less than I normally do, great, just great  pff
So i took my dictaphone (one of the best things I ever bought myself!) and started making the list of things I'm going to do today, ofcourse blogging was the first thing on it :)
but then after a few items i just maybe started to realise why i woke up so early, man have I got stuff to do today ...   let's get started, onwards, for glory and breakfast in a few hours!

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