Tuesday, February 27, 2007

a fading blog? or maybe just doing real things

well well not much activity on this blog,
but just maaaybe that's because I'm very busy

sunday-evening the first meeting of the group "svalbard 2007" was a fact,
a fine bunch of people, some are ofcourse still a mystery to me but that will change soon enough
in order to get some of the equipment or food sponsored we decided to clean up svalbard, at least a part of it, we'r going to participate in "clean up svalbard" and are counting on outdoor-stores to support us for this.

A website of our own is being built as i write here

and I'm going to restrain myself a bit concerning personal information, especially in the area of 'not posting stuff that's too personal', everybody can come here after all, i'll find plenty of interesting other stuff to post, don't worry :)

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