Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy anniversary ...

to myself and Tith Ngaw Pai,
february 15, 2000 AD I had my first lesson of traditional south-chinese kungfu (see link at the sidebar).
Unfortunately one year later I had to take a break because of some stuff in my knee of which I don't know the english term.
so in February 2002 I started again but then with Tai chi, or Tai Ki Kune. It's incredibly tempting to return to the kungfu-lessons, but I just don't have the time,
our tai chi is actually very difficult so combining it now wouldn't be very wise,
 maybe in a few years ...
but 7 years in the school, not bad!

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Pink said...

I didn't know you studied Kung Fu. Since I was a girl, I fantasised of studying Jeet Kun Do. I dreamed of being the female Bruce Lee. Unfortunately there is no teacher in London that I can find. I am going to keep looking though and perhaps I will look into Kung Fu as an alternative. Lets talk about your experience some time.