Thursday, February 15, 2007

Precious Time

Since this is the third time blogger is making me type this post, the irony of it's title is becoming very agitating gromgrom 

It's been what ? ... two weeks since the last post, this can only mean that I:
1) just wasnt in town and
2) I've been veryvery busy
Saturday while packing for the Vercors I was also finishing an assignment for the Ailo, my god did that s*ck, ok I brought it upon myself postponing it but GGRRR
Luckily the following 7 days were just AMAZING! More on that in the next post.

Sunday 11/2 I attended one of the returning Flash-birthday-parties, this time @ Chris & Lotte's place, they did a very fine job having us all over and the food was good!
The flash is a group of highschool students that decided to give their group a name and subsequently succeeded in keeping that group together for over six years !! And hopefully for many years to come.

And offcourse on monday classes and school-work hit me straight in the face, only 2 mornings of classes in the entire week, but there's a masters-thesis that still needs an insane amount of work, so still no blogging on monday/tuesday/wednesday.

How about the evenings ?
Monday: Tai Chi  @
Tuesday: hmmmm + waauw (more on that maybe later ;))
Wednesday: Swimming, 2 km, then I got bored (not tired), stopped swimming and went home to see the final episodes of season three of Stargate Atlantis, (nerd alert!) finally they get their city in the air, only to get stranded in the middle of space with the oxygen-supply falling ... will they live or die ... let's find out whenever the next season gets broadcasted.

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