Monday, April 30, 2007

creationist madness

this is just sooo wrong on so many levels

(via Mike the Mad Biologist)

and yes, arguments like this are used in churches to convince people evolution is wrong

The conditions and timeframe of the peanutbutter jar, or anything else produced by the food industry, are nowhere near the conditions of primordial soup where life could evolve (although i bought this one thing in the chinese supermarket a few years ago that got pretty close).

And even if life would have evolved in the jar ... something no biologist that understands anything about the theory would ever consider saying ... you wouldn't be able to see it, it would be microscopically small and you'd eat it without ever knowing it (like those eight spider a year in your sleep).
So may i now suggest an in depth examination of everything found in all the stores around the globe, at x hours per item ...


here's another one (or are they joking, don't know)
that's debunked quite easily

update: why do i torture myself in watching things like this
feeling sick


Scary Monster said...

Me wants that guy for me PR manager.

paul said...

I see you in the background, destroying buildings and railway lines in major metropolitan cities, and he in the foreground where people are enthousiatically listening to his story about necessary urban reshaping projects of monstrous proportions