Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Newest playlist additions meme

I'm working real hard trying to get the first draft of the paper "The impact of management on the development of plant communities and the relationship with light" in such a state that i wouldn't sink into the deepest caverns of the earth out of shame for how bad it looks, so that it can be mailed to prof J.

But maybe i just have to share with you the name of the song that i very recently added to the "really good playlist" and is now on some kind of a manually enforced repeat because i'm using the screen of the pc that's playing the music as a second screen for my dad's laptop on which i am merging 2 versions of the paper into one ultimate draft version (the keyboard is still connected and repeating the song manually has been succesfull for now (i don't know the shortcut for 'repeat' (and i use too many brackets (i know))))
and before you pull me through the adsl-cable to hit me in the head for procrastinating, it's:

'One Word' by Anouk

naturally to be found on youtube

try to get your hands on it if you can,
and you can listen to it on her 'myspace' (whatever that may be), you might like it,
I know i do, the music is good
& the lyrics are good 'cause (just pointing out one of more than one) today:
I hope that at the very absolutely least, when the awkwardness/heartache is over, there will be a beautifull goodbye with my star in heaven.
and why not, naturally i'd prefer a beautifull '(a lot) more than goodbye'!!
but that's not in the song

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