Sunday, April 15, 2007

Let's dance into the sunset

That i'm an excellent danser is such a big secret that at parties people don't even believe it after they've actually seen me dance ... but i like it, so i don't care.
Next time you go dancing, take a look at these moves for some extra inspiration!
'The evolution of dance'


Scary Monster said...

Awesome vid! Cracked me up.
Me wish me could dance as well.

paul said...

well scary monster, no offence but i'm afraid you're legs are a bit short for the really cool moves, but i wouldn't wanna get STOMPED by them (which is also a cool move :))

on a smooth floor and with smooth shoes i can get away with a not-terrible moonwalk, and ofcourse i can do the kungfu fighting part a lot better :)
here's one of the youtube imitations, i certainly respect his courage

Mayden's Voyage said...

This was fun...still smiling from the video :)