Saturday, April 28, 2007

Romantic ideas #00001

It's all about emotions, sharing strong emotions creates bonds between people.
Now beware, this one might not be a good idea on a first date, and it's not for the weak-minded, but for the average western european (or member of other "civilised" country) it should be a strong experience :)
so you go a restaurant and order this:

ok, maybe you won't find this in that nice place around the corner, i'm guessing you'll have to find your local koreatown/chinatown

via Pharyngula

not convinced??? apparently all you have to do to like it .. is try it

and as an extra bonus you can speak korean instantly, so what are you waiting for!


paul said...

am i the only one that is reminded of Gagh, the famous Klingon delicacy in the Star Trek TV series. Best eaten fresh and alive!

Pink said...

I do think you ARE the only one reminded of it.

I seem to be the only one REPULSED by this.

NEVER take me for this or it will be our LAST (not first) date