Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter is ...

.. tradition
.. waking up before the 8 o'clock alarm (WTF ???)
.. for some reason shedding a few tears while watching the videoclip of save tonight
.. looking for the eggs my sister has hidden in the garden (still wearing my pyjamas :) + sweater)
.. hiding them again so she can go on a quest of her own
.. eating chocolat eggs
.. family discussions about mindfullness
.. eating chocolat eggs
.. not being able to go out for lunch because some blind µù$^="ç%&"éé parked his car in front of our garage
.. eating more chocolat eggs
.. really not caring about that car in front of the garage (remember the point about mindfullness)
.. doing the dishes
.. eating some more chocolat eggs
.. still not caring that by now the car isn't in front of our garage any more, but someone else (also a blind #éµ%%^$&@) has replaced that car with a car of his own, just waauw
.. doing all kinds of family stuff related to amongst other things our general quest to get rid of the junk spread around our place = bonding :)
.. messing up the work schedule (not really caring about it right now, some extra caring is scheduled tomorrow)
.. listening to music from Anouk
.. not finding any more chocolat eggs on my desk :(
.. going out for dinner (bbye)
.. (back from dinner) finding the eggs again :)
.. now doing some thesiswork anyway


Scary Monster said...

Me likes the things you have written here.
Me has linked this blog to a post me be writing. Iffin you do not approve please let me know and me will remove the link immediately.

Loved the remark about Costa Rica

Caroline said...

not to forget:
and eating some more chocolat eggs

paul said...

hmmm, sweet chocolate,
theobromine, serotonine, and many other 'happy stuff'-molecules to lift the spirits when feeling blue
hmmm, sweet chocolate