Saturday, September 29, 2007

8 fracking 15 am

there's this cool online store,, where i ordered a few items on monday (gifts, so i won't mention what they are until they are received by the future owners)
this morning they were delivered ... on a saturday @ 8.15 am ... let me say that again: on a SATURDAY @ EIGHT FIFTEEN in the MORNING

sigh, ofcourse i'm making the best of it and using this extra time to write something here while i'm listening to my brand new cd by Milow my good friends of "The Flash (c)" bought me last week, and thus getting more out of this new and wonderful day :)

it's just that i kinda needed the sleep, this whole week has been a sleeping disaster (waking up in the middle of the night, disturbing dreams, etc)

so next week i'm going to pay extra super special attention to sleeping and will get enough sleep for a change, i need it


Pink said...

well...i think you're not alone with the weird dreams this week. full moon and whatnot.

every bloody night - from having my luggage stolen at the airport to being chased through a foggy beach in a foreign country in the middle of the night by an arab gang of teenagers to being in Africa and dating a colleague I've never met before to being in a runaway car on a hilltop.


hope next week the nocturnal hours are more peaceful.

paul said...

not only a full moon, but the brightest of the year! septembre 26, i went to a celebration of the japanese moon festival with some nightly poetry, taiko drums and ikebana (post coming), the moon was SUPERbright, i had never seen it so amazingly bright

wooow you have some strange adventures in your dreams
mayb try to dream up yourself some fancy sneaker so that you can run faster than always being stuck on those pink pumps with giant heels :)

well this week wasn't exactly more peacefull, this morning i woke up dreaming that a girl declared her love to me but i wasn't interested so had to politely decline (which is never fun to do)

better luck next week :)