Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Hehe, LIO is a funny comic,
somehow i think i would have gone for the lion though

Update: Well it seems the comic is no longer available ...
As far as i remember, Lio emptied a stuffed animal (not a lion, but there was a stuffed lion in the cartoon) and put himself inside, so that a girl he liked would use the stuffed animal and hug him indirectly.
Why the lion? I just happened to know a girl who has a lion as a stuffed animal :)


Pink said...

Hi Sunshine!

I fell off the planet it seems and didn't know you didn't finish the thesis.


Well, environmental science is hot right now, so go for it!

I haven't heard of the bands you mentioned, but I discovered a new one - very funny folk music from Canada - called the Arrogant Worms. Check them out.

Also...I hate all the trailers. I tend to go get popcorn or something for the first 15 minutes to avoid my exposure to them - and yes - sometimes they are grossly inappropriate to the audience.

kids have enough to scare them - do they need zombie trailers too?

Hope you are well.

paul said...

Hey Pinks,
yeah is seems like after a short blog-burst i also yet again fell off the planet,
but that probably has something to do with the fact that last week i started working (on a real job)

THANK YOU for the tip, i've checked out a few songs of the arrogant worms and somewhere along the process i think i broke a rib because i was laughing too hard :)

and next time i'm also coming late for the movies, especially now that the seats appear to be numbered @ Metropolis (the big cinema around here) .. you can order the best seat hours in advance and then show up right after the commercials and trailers!