Sunday, September 9, 2007

right, i was also disgusted

First of all,
Transformers started 27 minutes later than the time printed on my ticket,
27 minutes of my life wasted with commercials and trailers of movies I don't want to see
From the early days of Metropolis i remember the movies strating late, but somehow i thought that in recent times they started to show more respect for the viewers, or maybe that's because i usually went to the UGC were the movies approximately start when they are supposed to,
anyway, frack you metropolis for stealing my 27 minutes, and goodbye, unless i have some more free tickets, ill be seeing my movies at UGC

And before i talk you to sleep, there's more, some of the trailers they showed were inappropriate according to myself,
agreed i may be more sensitive than average, but the trailer of Disturbia and some other movie with mutated zombies and bruce willis in it, were in my opinion absolutely NOT suitable to be viewed by the two 10 year old children sitting in the row behind me who came to see transformers

but just now i did some searching and from the description of disturbia i translate:
"It's an uneasy thriller who doesn't hesitate to end up as a raw slasher-movie. People who don't like blood splashing aroud are warned."
And here in belgium it's rated "all ages" ...
It's probably because the age limit stopped applying for me around ten years ago that i didn't pay attention to it ... but how is it possible that such a movie doesn't have a +16 rating ...
I felt uneasy during the trailer .. i don't even want to think about what a 13 year old goes through when he sees the entire movie

waauw, i AM getting old here :-) turning 26 last tuesday apparently has it effects ;)

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