Sunday, September 9, 2007

Absynthe Minded vs. Milow

This Friday I went to a concert at the Openluchttheater Rivierenhof,
(together with Wouter, Joris, Goedle, Steven & Karo and my sister)
Absynthe Minded and Milow were playing, Milow was better, MUCH better!
Their bis-song was a translated version of Mia by Gorki, VERY nice !!

Played at Rock Werchter:

and their hit-song You don't know

Before friday i hadn't even heared of Absynthe Minded and now i know why, after Milow's happy tunes they managed to get me all down with their melancholic depressing wishy-washy music, there were nice songs, but overall i didn't like 'em

in the break between the two gigs we could enjoy the fireworks they were shooting very nearby at the annual fireworksfestival, this international fireworks contest continues for another two weeks, so friday 14 and 21 sept 2007 there will be more fireworks, the best in the world ;)
if anybody wants to go, i might have time to go so just let me know !!

This contest is an annual event by the way, something to keep in mind !!


Johan Van Mol said...

Hey Paul,

Happy Birthday!
(I know I'm too late, but from now on, the 4th of september will get a place on my birthday calendar -- that I will start building today :-] )
I too went to Absynthe Minded and Milow... Nice concert, although I prefered Absynthe Minded over Milow. Cool 'Mia' interpretation though.
Don't you (as a huge music fan) use
That way, we could've seen in advance that we were both going to the concert.
If you haven't heard of yet: it's super-cool. It sees the tracks you play on your computer, and then (based on your musical preferences) recommends music that you would also like, but haven't played yet, recommends gigs to go to, ...
Anyway, this is my profile:

paul said...

Electronic birthday calenders, they're the best ;) you your gmail calender will do the job just fine

wooooow you were also there Johan, yes we should look into a way to share certain parts of our agendas, google calender does this nicely i think

i definitely prefered Milow though, they gave me a nice feeling but A M made me feel sad and i really didn't need that :)