Saturday, October 6, 2007

6 fracking 15 am

oh dear,
can someone please take the needles out of my "sleeping late at saturday"-voodoo doll, this time it was my stomach that woke me up and i still have a headache (okok, there was some alcohol consumption yesterday-evening, but nothing excessive: 2 glasses of white wine, a mojito and a long island ice tea)

anyway, at least now i have some time to spend in the blogosphere, so i'm not complaining (complaining doesn't do any good anyway, AHA thank you paul for yet another wise life-lesson :))
There's just always so little time: working (yeps, i'm working for 70% as technical personnel for a research project @ the university), finishing the master's thesis and painting walls and ceilings and ceilings and walls, and corners, whenever i get home.

soooooo let's post something that should have been posted a few months ago and see if i can hang around here a few more times a week!

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