Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy ending!

May everyone have a happy ending..

Of course the ending preferably later than sooner, the happiness right now, and now, and now, and now, ... every now!

When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice.
– Cherokee Expression

back to work ;)


Pink said...

I like that quote.

And speaking of back to work - work should be what you love - I mean LOVE to do.

Anything less is a wasted life, I think.

So I need to stop wasting my life ASAP.


Have a great day at work, dear teacher! Inspire some students today!

Pink said...

PS Paulus de Blogkatorus

your email is not listed on your profile :-/

My itinerary is this: I arrive Friday 2 May in Antwerp (actually I go to Brussels then transfer) in the evening some time probably around 8. I stay at IBIS near the market and the Rubens museum.

I stay Friday/Saturday night and then Sunday at some time I will go to Brugge.

If you don't have anything to do Saturday night maybe we can meet for drink or dinner or something. I know you will probably be busy working and I'm happy to see the town and photograph on my own otherwise, but if Sat night isn't good, maybe you can recommend some places.

Either way - would be nice to see you and meet the marine biologist cum physics teacher :)

PS - if you give me your email address I will actually send you a photo - I don't actually have pink hair and I'm not a mannequin :-0

paul said...

hey pinks,
jeps my email is not listed,
but when i asked you to mail i actually expected (half-sleeping) there was some option there to mail without knowing the adress and blogger would do the forwarding should do the trick, it's a forwarding address i just made, i'll reply to you with my real address but somehow i've managed to keep my last name from this blog and typing my email here would kinda mess that up (your's isn't listed either by the way ;-))

and you do realise by the way that i will be very dissapointed with your picture ... if you're not at least wearing a pink something (hat/shoes/ ....) ;-)
x paul

paul said...

and it'll work out for next weekend, 1 and 2 may are free days for us belgicans so i'll be able to work hard on those days and do something fun on saturday

Pink said...

ok i'm emailing you now...I don't have my name, photo or email address on my blog ;)

and you will be disappointed matter what I'm wearing because our image of someone that we create in our head is always better because it fulfills our own need for what we want them to be, rather than what they are - a somewhat loud, fat old middle aged broad. But I assure you...I'm much more fun in person than on my we will have fun on Saturday :)


paul said...

am not disappointed pinks,
you're wearing pink!
Isn't that what matters, being true to yourself etc

paul said...

About doing what you love, here's a qoute out of a book on my want-to-read list

Do what you love: Enjoy the trek

I met with a young man last year who had drifted into a far from satisfying, but lucrative computer career. After much inner struggle he decided to leave his secure niche to return to school and study psychology. Recently, I received a letter from him and a copy of a straight-A transcript of his first semester courses. He was elated about his grades, but was having a hard time making ends meet, a condition he had never before encountered. Yet his certainty that he had found the right path for his life allowed him to excel and also gave him the power to respond resourcefully to the trials his new choice presented.

He used his former skills and contacts to find part-time work and eventually decided to take a semester off to earn the lion's share of his tuition. "Once upon a time I would have quit when the going got rough," he reflected, "but now I'm eager to do what I must to stick to my choice." Because he is committed to his choice, he has gained a new level of vitality which fuels his ability to see it through to completion.

Successful people not only have goals, they have goals that are meaningful for them. They know where they are going and they enjoy the trek. Like this young man, when we are excited about what we are doing, when we are progressively moving toward the realization of meaningful goals, the difficulties become solvable problems, not insurmountable obstacles. I know that nothing will stop him from becoming a psychologist, and he will probably be a fine one at that. I knew it when he wrote in his recent letter, "The courses have been difficult and challenging but I feel at home in this work and I am experiencing great joy for the first time in my life."

Source: Marsha Sinetar, "Do what you love, the money will follow", P. 14