Thursday, May 1, 2008


It's a well know fact that Antwerp in Belgium is the best place in the world, just ask any Antwerpian and he or she will completely confirm that ultimate (almost dogmatic) truth!!

Many many many many (ok you get the point) wonderfull activities are organised here, there's a massive amount of cultural heritage, you'll find the best beers in the world here (and that's definitely not Carlsberg or even worse: Heineken, real Antwerpians/Belgians wouldn't even give that to their dogs, if it would be ok to give beer to your dog)

For instance, here's a nice upcoming activity: a culinary high note

Recently our local television channel held a contest to find the new "Ode to the city" aka "Ode aan't stad" it will not surprise anyone that many candidates showed up with songs about how much we love this wonderfull metropolis, here's two:
Zot van A (in Antwerpian/Antwerpish)
Stad on de beik (in antwerpian)

the first one won, here's the videoclip

De strangers (a local treasure) have a song to praise our wonderfull city
and another one: Antwarpe 'k zien a zoe geire

and here a nice commercial about Antwerp
't stad is van iedereen (in dutch)

this link also ended up in the draft of this post ... don't really know why ... it's in antwerpian ...

Antwerp is so wonderfull i could write many posts about it every single day into eternity and beyond. But this will have to do for today. If this post is to big, the internet will probably crash because too many people will want to download too many things about Antwerp at the same time.

See you in Antwerp!


Pink said...

sounds like a really fun city to visit :)


Pink said...

Dang. I shoulda read this more carefully. I went to Grote market and bought hands when I was there! :(

but I had a wonderful time - someone once described it thusly - all the cosmopolitan advantages of an urban setting with the cosiness of a small town. He was/is brilliant :)


paul said...

pinks pinks, instructions are ment to be read !!!
that said, were they tasty, the cookie-hand are quite good actually!

"The cosmopolitan advantages of an urban setting with the cosiness of a small town." I couldn't have said it any better!

x paul

The Lone Beader said...

I would love to go to Belgium and try the beer someday! It is on my list! :D

paul said...

if you get to it
let me know and i might be around to lead you to the best bars!