Saturday, May 3, 2008

Can not get enough of this song ... (newest playlist addition meme)

... not yet anyway, but I keep liking many songs, so why not this one?

Ok the view is rather ... monotonous, but that just means you can hit "play" and continue surfing in another tab while enjoying the music!

Many thanks to Margo, the inspiration behind, a festival for a new world!
It's a cultural/music festival with a mission to make a difference:
Finding peace within and in the world.
Aiming at individuals for the improvement of well-being and consciousness of the individual and society.


Pink said...

cool! I heard there was a dance festival yesterday too :)


paul said...

indeed, a dance festival right under my nose, but i kinda have more important things to do these days than go from disco to disco :)

Little Lamb said...

Personally, I prefer the original of a given song I like. I guess I'm used to listening to it in its original state. I don't deal well with change.

Now if someone sings the same song as someone else that's a different story. I don't know why.

paul said...

there's an original song?
by who???

well lambie, sometimes the original artist just isn't a good artist but he got lucky or has a good songwriter :-)

Not dealing well with change might give you problems in the future because change is the only constant! Chaos is the rule, not he exception!
Good luck with that :-)