Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Giving more power to the people

This one comes from the free Public Service adds i'm letting google put on top of my blog.

I'm not (yet) absolutely enthousiastic about this one because i'm unsure if the efficiency and durabillity of solar cells already outweigh the cost and pollution that are unavoidable in their production. But if so, I say: GO FOR IT, we really need to stop putting things on fire all around the world.

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Pink said...

hi Paul,

thanks for that...interesting NGO...I would go even farther and say that global poverty and global warming MUST be fought together. If we don't do something serious about climate change, all the strides we've made on global poverty will be wiped out in 20 years.

Interesting NGO - I wonder if their technology can be scaled up for cooking and for small industry in villages. Not sure what a solar power cell costs tho.

Will look into it - perhaps they qualify for funding by companies looking for clean development mechanism credits.

interesting ads - the one for grameen bank is on top of your blog today. Muhammed Yunnis revolutionised credit for the poor - but replicating his model elsewhere has proven challenging.