Tuesday, April 22, 2008

To do - list: walking on fire

some time ago i made a draft post about this,
and tomorrow i'm going to use it as an example in the Physics-class on heat transfer i'll be teaching

Sure makes you want to try it ... no?

But I seriously would really like to try this, so if anyone wants to join me, i'll have some time this summer! If you don't trust it, just come and watch, there will be party-snacks and drinks!


Pink said...

I hope there will be a fire extinguisher too ;)

I have friends who have fire walked so I am sure you will be great!

By the way - I'm going to be in Antwerp and Bruges weekend after next, if you're around.


paul said...

well we have a few old fire-extinguishers lying around in the basement, they can't be used no more, according to the date on them anyways, i guess they will still work a bit :-) i've been dying to try one of those anyway

and do i read that correctly .. pinks in Antwerp .. allright!!
I will soon dig up the draft-post i've been workin on about antwerp!
And because i live here, i will be around!
I'm still going to be pretty busy with preparing lessons for my teacher's degree, but email me your itinerary and i will definitely see what's possible!

Pink said...

cool - will love to see the antwerp post too - been told to go there, so I am. Was in Bruges many many many years ago and loved it.

Have camera will shoot!

I'll email you the itinerary. I've no fixed plans except to see the city and photograph it.

PS - I think I'd buy a new fire extinguisher - or at least a soft pair of socks ;)