Saturday, February 16, 2008

hi there

4 months since the last post ...
I guess the largest part that kept me away are the dark clouds of the still unfinished master's thesis, the real world. Because if i can find the time to post something here, i could also finish an urgently needed extra paragraph.

And it's not that i just didn't write anything here, i used to frequent a few blogs on almost a daily basis and that has also stopped.

A few times i've been very tempted to write something here, always at moments of an emotional crisis.
And today, with the master's thesis still unfinished (but that's not the reason), i've just hit a small emotional rock-bottom, so here i am, hoping that writing here, sending words into the great open plains of the internet, will somehow help me cope with what i'm dealing with right now. And guess what, it's already very slightly helping to put things in perspective.

So i'm goning to post a few things, an update about me and some posts that have been lingering in the draft folder.

and thanks Scary, for the christmas greetings, apparently you've laid your blog to rest ... may your stompyness continue whereverer you go!

with love,

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