Thursday, June 28, 2007

and that's that

yesterday i had the last exam-thingie, i think everything went well (the entire series) and now all that's left is the master's thesis ...
let's just say it's going to need some work, a small massive amount of mork to be more somewhat exactly precise

while i go work on it some more,
maybe you and you and you can take a look at some of Weird al Yankovic 's song on youtube, his parodies are so cool :) !!
like this one i just saw:

update: embedding has been disabled

he has much better parodies that which i euhm ... certainly do NOT have downloaded in mp3 format in my criminal past, so I well .... well i just now they exist ;)


paul said...

:) his music is better than therapy

paul said...

ok after this one i'm really going to work

Scary Monster said...

Glad you survived the hell of exams. Hope that getting the thesis done is quick and painless.