Monday, June 18, 2007

sorry tom

especially for the grunt who's not feeling all to well, some funny t-shirts that can put a smile on your face

this one's really funny if you show it to someone named tom

they have many other funny ones, these are the funniest in my humble opinion:
evolution of life painfully true
no strings eum .. true
dikfore :)
shit happens tetris is cool
beards also true
amish driving causes global warming
second amendment the best one :)


The Grunt said...

I'm getting the Second Amendment t-shirt now.

This really was good, Paul. It cheered me up. BTW, as soon as I get around to it I'm adding you to my Grunt Army list.

Scary Monster said...

Me kinda liked the one about beards. Remindede me of Southpark fer some reason.

Paul how did the exams go?

Me be glad you and the Cap'n be getting along. Good STOMPIN

paul said...

hi grunt,
you're welcome,
i'm also trying to get to my blogroll, many time-consuming obstacles in my way, like typing here and stuff :)

@ scary: had an exam today, was ok, 2 more to go next week and then finishing the master's thesis, it still needs a lot of reading/writing/and lab-work it's still going to take me at least a month 24/24 and 7/7