Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Patient is the mother of the carefull porcelain rhinoceros

just trust me on that quote,
it's a translation of an aggregation of several dutch proverbs that came to be in my mind this morning, just trust me on it

especially for this post the posting category 'weirdness' was established,
want more weirdness?
try this wwweirdness
or maybe this webweirdness
or possibly even
some semi-random google results for weirdness,
i really really really don't have any time to check out those websites right now so unlike my other posts i'm not really taking responsibility of what may be found there, seems weird? well it is
have a nice week!


Scary Monster said...

will check out the wierdness as soon as me gets me shit together.

good luck on the exams!


Me be free again! strange post coming.

Pink said...

hey...good luck on your exams!

paul said...


whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa exams
pfff :)