Friday, July 6, 2007

weird plants

Happy Birthday Johan!!
May your life become even better than is already has been!
And thanks for the tip that lead to this post!

The movie is made by
It's their project named "sixes last" and if you click on it you can choose "view quicktime"

for those who are afraid of looking for the right link on the website, here's an easy shortcut to the same footage albeit in poor quality

but eyes and rotating elements in plants ??
exobiology or computer animation ..

well eyes aren't that impossible in living things but evolving something like that in earth plants ... not very likely in any reasonable time-frame and probably a few evolutionary re/constraints are going to prevent it
but recalling the evolution-course i followed once, rotating things are quite impossible because the wires would snap: veins, nerves etc ... would not survive it

Do you want to know more? An article by Richard Dawkins on the subject

Here are a few shorter remarks about the lack of wheels in animals, but the Dawkins piece is much better.


Pink said...

congrats on the end of exams.

you know, i cried last night just thinking of the plight of animals and plants and their complete lack of wheels.

its so nice to find someone who understands


paul said...

haha :)

well i understand why they don't have wheels .. but i don't really think animals mind
they usually prefer to live in places where wheels are of little use like dense forests or cute swamps

(ok maybe on the Serengeti they could drive around..)