Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Pharyngula is the blog run by Paul Myers, also known as PZ.
I started reading his blog on a regular basis around november 2005.
He describes the blog as "Evolution, development, and random biological ejaculations from a godless liberal" and if you automatically asume that a liberal is funny it's a complete and correct description.
He posts about biology and the latest insane stuff the creationist have repackaged and are trying to sell to the world once more (unfortunately their actions are welcomed by many).
His blog definitely makes an interesting read and i find myself most of the time greatly appreciating -but not always agreeing with- his viewpoints on many things.
So go and give him a try if you have the time, if you don't, here's an idea to ease the pain:
Regularly he also posts funny things that i sometimes put up here.
Starting right now (and especially foy you, you, me and you) i'm going to make a category out of it, just another place on the web were nice links are to be found.
So here you have a few recent ones (with comments ;)):

#1 I'm no expert on religion but what i personally find very disturbing are religious suicide terrorists ...
Throughout history millions of people have put their life on the line to defend protect or save their family, home, city and country. Or at times even more noble, to simply help another human being. And i obviously respect that and hope that when it is needed i will have the courage to take part in it.
But here you have a segment of people who are fighting/killing in the name of their God and don't mind dying because there's always the afterlife...
Once you believe in it, i can understand that they go through with it, it's the ones who stay behind and make the promises about the afterlife that are the real evildoers!! And they probably even have ulterior political (power hungry a-holes) or financial motives.
Anyway, here's the link
(The ending might be a little tasteless, blaming the accident on the victims is well .. a special kind of humor.)

#2 Pie doesn't have tentacles!!
Well ok .. i agree, but here's a funny story anyway :)

#3 a special kind of science...
If i tried anything even remotely like this in a paper or in the masters' thesis i'd be in BIG trouble, luckily reporters don't have to measure what they do against any kind of standards (nor common sense)


paul said...

congratulations to me, this is post 65, but combined with the 35 draft posts that are eagerly awaiting to be posted, i'm at 100 :)

Scary Monster said...

You could have pubished that graph yerself there, Paul. It took me a while to get through all the links and Me gotta say, the pie story be all too darn funny. Thanks for the laughs and congrats on workin out the next 35 drafts.


P.S. Do you really need word verification?

The Grunt said...

Well, let's just call it 100 then, alright?

Congrats man!

paul said...

hehe, thanks guys, alright and i'll try to put them up as soon as possible :)

(i didn't really think about the word verification, so now it's off, but if spam starts trickling in...)

Pink said...

hey Paul - what if the pie was made of octopus or eels? Then wouldn't it have tentacles?

don't listen to scary. he complains about word verification cuz he be a monster.

monsters have spellying trouble.

not to mention big claws to type with.


Scary Monster said...

Hey there buddy. Here are your questions:

English is not your milk tongue. What are some of the problems you encounter with an English language site?

How determined are you to follow your course of studies into the “real world”? What Me means is, when after you graduate from university and you get the chance two choose between two jobs. One pays less money, but the work is doing what you like to do, the other pays considerably more, but has nothing to do with your studies. Which one would you choose?

What is the strangest/ most dangerous situation you have ever been in?

Your favorite food? Were talking about eatin it almost every single day and not gettin sick of it.

What is the dumbest thing you have ever done/said?

Pink said...

you ate tentacle pie, didn't you!

you've been awfully silent...must be in a tentacle haze...

paul said...

hey pinks, LOL no, i did ate squid yesterday, but it was in the form of dimsum at the antwerpian chinatown

but a few days ago you said:
"what if the pie was made of octopus or eels? Then wouldn't it have tentacles?"
which makes me quite certain that you didn't follow the link about the funny story in the line following the remark about pies and tentacles, just go and read it first!

and i haven't found them in antwerp yet, but i'm curious about them, maybe you can tell me if the chinatown in London has anything like this ? :)

paul said...

hey scary,
thanks for the questions!
i'll soon get to answering them!