Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What does an adversity mean to you ??

Well to Napoleon Hill it means this:
"Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit." – Napoleon Hill (1883-1970)
And if I can give you one advice about your mental attitude, it is to incorporate this advice into your character.
I've been working on it for at least half a year now, it's not easy but holds tremendous power when used!
So in stead of tossing and turning and getting upset about spontaneously waking up at half past 4, when i'm trying t get enough sleep to stay awake during studying, i'm using this time to post this here (and satisfy my evergrowing group of fans ;-)), send a few important emails, and come back here to post at least 1 cool thing!
So dear friends, stay tuned, be delighted, and find the good in every bad!


A very anonymous fan from the large fanbase! said...

WAAAAUW this Paul-guy is amazing, his advice is true !!!
I'm a fan ;-)

Pink said...

I am a fan too ;)


the swedish olympic swimsuit modelling team said...

We think you're sooo cool!

Gorgeous Blonde Bombshell said...

I have always adored you from afar. You are like a demi-god to me!


sexy vixen said...

you know I've been reading you for years...been a fan all this time...but now I have to stop lurking and say...I think your advice is amazing.

You should be President

sexy vixen's jealous ex husband said...

I know where you live.

I'm not a fan.

Lay off my Vixen!


Blogger Comment Quality Control said...

This is getting ridiculous

the Amoebic Council of Belgium said...

You are our hero. We need you to be our spokesperson. Please tell everyone about our need to colonise and don't know big words...but you do.

Why don't you write a scientific paper about us and champion our cause?



Pink said...

Wow! You have so many fans! I never realised you were so famous. But then, I was just a cute barbie doll till you came along and I took your advice. Now I'm a high fashion mannequin with a purpose in life.

paul said...

apparently i have even more fans than i thought, thanks pinks and other anonymous fans!

Swedish girls: if you come to Belgium, i'll see if i have some time to show you around, just leave your phonenumbers in a comment.

Sexy vixen, if i make it to president, i'll have my secret service politely ask your jealous ex-husband to leave you and me alone, untill then there will be no laying ;-)

Dear Blogger, stop insulting my fans please.

Dear amoebas, i'm writing up my dissertation now but transforming it into an article may be to costly right now, if you have funds available, let me know!

and pinks, glad to be your inspiration ;-)

if there's more very anonymous fans out there, don't be shy, you are beautifull and perfect as you are, come into the light! :)

x paul

the amoebic council of Belgium said...

sure...ignore the little guys...typical!

The Lone Beader said...

This advice is so true. I need to remember this always!