Monday, June 23, 2008

Newest playlist addition meme: Sungha Jung

I actually discovered his songs a few days before Andy's songs, but somehow Andy got posted first, maybe this kid is technically not as good as Andy, but maybe that's because he's only 11 years young!!

At first this is the song i liked most:

And then he posted this one:

Very nice, and impressive!

And he's got a channel on Youtube ..
it's just packed with nice songs he plays !!
and some can be downloaded at hisspace:

must go practice my piano now ;-), ciao


The Lone Beader said...

Hi Paul! Your widgets aren't coming up for me! I am sad now... :(

paul said...

Don't be sad, look for the good in every bad!
Now, dear beady, i can help you and give you these links:

The first one
The second one

and if youtube doesn't work on your pc, i might even send you the mp3's ;-)

have some easy listening to the songs and a nice day!

Pink said...

hi - I've tagged you for a meme AFTER 9 July