Friday, March 28, 2008

This i want to read ...,
Genetic programming is cool!
And someday i hope to use it consciously to fix a problem.
This has just enormous potential to benefit mankind in general!
So it's on the "must read-list"
i'll try and post that list sometime soon because there are really interesting books on there through wich anyone could have a mindexpanding experience!

But now i'm off for a three day seminar to get some issues handled! (Excited!)
To quote David D. "The boy must die in order for the man to live."

May your day be wonderfull!


Pink said...

enjoy your 3 days...I'm sure it will be seminal

paul said...

hay pinks, thanks,
they were indeed very seminal! There were mindexpanding stories, excercices and people!
And naturally some serious self-analysis and confrontation with the areas where grow is not just optional but very necessary!
x paul