Thursday, March 20, 2008

Chaos, the way of the future.

Today I had a very interesting conversation with Robin Rowley,
I was introduced to him through Leen, a friend of mine, as her lecturer at the Plantijn Hogeschool. Some time ago, when i was talking with her and Tom about my plan for my future, she mentioned him as someone who I should talk to, and she was right.
He's an expert on Communications, Organisation Behaviour & HRM, Entrepeneurship, Strategy and Change Management. And this is exactly the field that's been calling to me for almost half a year now, drawing me away from my present career in biology.
He has also written a book, "Organize with chaos", available at Management Books 2000, of which he was so kind to give me a copy of the previous edition, the new one is just out.

A man's mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions. And this hour he gave me today was certainly a mindstretching experience!

I'm kinda very busy finishing this neverending masterthesis so i'm right now not able to do a lot with the new idea's and insights but this will come soon enough!

As a preparation for this conversation i read this introduction on Chaos and Complexity:

It's by Victor MacGill, a very interesting person who's website i will discuss soon, but this link from his website was too nice to keep from you:


Pink said...

well ain't chaos right here and now?

BTW - happy easter!!

paul said...

hey pinks,
Happy easter to you to!
Chaos is indeed everywhere and has been omnipresent, but not too many people recognise this fact and are still thinking in a linear way about life and bussiness etc..
That's what Robin Rowley's book is all about, and that's what he told me to look for in a company if i'm going to apply for a consultancy (trainee) position. They need to have embraced non-linear dynamics.

Joseph LM Roevens said...

Dear Paul,

Thanks for this comment. I'm looking for someone to market our book, and/or write a marketing plan about it. Would you be interested?
Joseph Roevens