Saturday, May 5, 2007


So last tuesday there was a Flash Mob Pillowfight in Antwerp, where I of course went to, last week's post was no bluff.
I went there with my sister and Nathalie who we joined at the scene, not only was Nathalie there to have fun but also to promote herself as a candidate for miss belgian beauty (VOTE!).

Me and Nathalie, ready to fight

hitting girls ... no problem (women are people too!)

but only if they are prepared to strike back of course

my sister was very happy by the way for getting the chance to hit Axel Daeseleire, a very famous belgian actor :)

(picture from, by Goldface)

man i can hardly wait untill the next pillowfight!!
as soon as I know of one i will post it here so next time you can all join me :)

another pic by Goldface,
my sister's left of the middle, looking down


Scary Monster said...

Me likes pillow fights. Do they let you fill yer pillow with chocolate pudding?

Sorry me missed yer one word Meme post, great idea. Now me feels like a plagerist.

Count on Cap'n Grunty to find the best answer in the bunch.


Scary Monster said...

Paul me friend. feel free to link me at anytime for almost any reason...STOMP

paul said...

chocolate pudding, horseshoes, phonebooks ... i'm afraid it's all not allowed, preferably pillows, but anything soft and clean is ok i guess,
but of course if there'd be chocolate pudding it be like mudwrestling (yeps here come the visions of everyone in bathing suit fighting with bags of chocolate pudding that every now and then explode all over the place, thanks scary :))

paul said...

ok, i'll be looking up the draft post in which i mention you

a nice tool those drafts, i have 21 of them lined up, ready to be finished, some whil not pass the test of time, but there's no escape for you now :)