Friday, March 16, 2007

Mentos and diet-coke

What happens is you mix those two together ???
You don't know ?? Great then you will be forever gratefull for this post :)
I haven't tried it myself, but i'm going to someday, in the meanwhile we can all enjoy the movies from the heroes at eepybird..

And the guys from Nobody's Watching have their interesting version:

Now you go and try it!!
And let me know all about it!!


paul said...

AHA, today, 23/4/2008, they broke the worldrecord of simultaneously dropping a mentos in a bottle of coke. Here in Belgium, the students of Leuven.

paul said...

I've tried it myself bye the way, in the backyard, strange that i can't find any record of it on this blog. I thought i had recorded that event for future reference ...