Monday, March 26, 2007

First there was creationism

and then they called it "intelligent design", unfortunately they only changed their name, not what they believe in, one of the magic men worshipped by one of the many contradictory religions (who are all absolutely true of course, otherwise why would they say so themselves)

It's about time something about the evolution-creationism debate showed up here.
In that pretty powerfull country accros the Atlantic ocean (no i don't mean Costa Rica, that's the beautifull one), many millions of people believe the Bible to contain the true history of the creation of our planet, and those people have power, not the magical kind in which they believe but the worst kind: Political power and lot's of money to put where their beliefs lie.
@ a lot of interesting stuff gets posted about the latest maddness, but also about science, fun stuff and squids(!), so take a look if you have the time.

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