Saturday, August 9, 2008

A rotting corpse, cheese and fish!

As a biologist, i have an interest in nature ... D'UH
A very inspiring voice is that of the naturalist Sir David Attenborough (watch the clip, its short but important to understand the rest of this post)
The flower in this movie clip has just been flowering in the National Botanic Garden of Belgium
This i a picture of their page about it (a picture because the page probably won't stay there)

Today I visited the plant, together with Steven (one of my bio-buddies) and Karo.
But as you can see...

We were too late! Better luck next time.
Fortunately there are lot's of other beautifull flowers to be found there.

And Venus Flytraps

A mammoth tree

A castle

And also ... something dangerous ???

Steven seems to like it though ;-)

have a nice day!


Pink said...

Too bad about the flower. I like the venus fly they really snap shut when something comes in?

I like the castle. Whats inside it? Is this botanical garden open all the time? I might like to come again to Antwerp and it would be cool to see that!

I'm not going to comment on Steven's love of the bumpy tree. Everyone is entitled to their own err...kinks ;)

Have a happy day :)

paul said...

Yes they really close if something walks in, fast enough to catch flies. But if you try to mimic that with a finger, it's not so good for the plant because it takes a lot of energy.

Yes the castle is very nice, used to be for royals, now it's for rent
The opening times of the garden are here:
It's not in Antwerp though, and hard to reach with public transport, a Belgian guide with a car is the best option for this romantic location.

Well i'm not going to comment on Steven's kinks either ;-)
But he has excellent taste!

Have a fine monday!
x paul