Sunday, January 28, 2007

Where the hell is Matt?

On the blogroll I just added Matt Harding's blog,
his blog at
Just another guy who went out there and did something amazing,
and then once more!
On his website you can find the 2 wonderfull movies he created under 'dancing'.
For those who need some encouragement ...
the second one is very close by, just one click on the YouTube thingie below.
But please also check out his first one at his site!!

The background music is also very nice by the way!!

("Sweet Lullaby Dancing Remix” by Deep Forest, this is the internet,
more information about it is all around you.)

So who's joining me on a trip to kjeragbolten ;-) ??

1 comment:

Pink said...

1. I love deep forest.

2. Lets go!

3. I'm serious!

I love the kids in Seattle :)